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Long-Term Player Development

Interested in learning more about the Canadian Soccer Association's proposed Long-Term Player Development Guidelines?

Introduction to Wellness to World Cup program (English):

Complete Wellness to World Cup document (English):

Short Wellness to World Cup brochure (English):

Short Wellness to World Cup matrix (English):

Note: French versions are also available at 

Open Transfer Guidelines

OPEN TRANSFER APPLICANTS - once all districts have completed the tryout process, they will notify the WYSA office of the placements for the Open Transfer for the Outdoor 2012 season.  At that time the WYSA office will notify the players  by EMAIL  as to whether their application has been accepted or not. If your application is successful, you will be advised as to the administration process by your district in order to transfer to the requested club. In the meantime the player is responsible to complete their commitment to the team for the Indoor season in regards to practice and games. 

This information is for all parents and players for who will be 13 years of age and older in 2012 and are interested in playing in the Premier or Premier-Developmental programs.

Effective for the Outdoor 2012 season, Open Transfer guidelines have been set in place for competitive teams for players 13 years of age and older. Be sure to read the guideline document as to eligibility, the application period, placement process and conditions of placement. Additionally please note the reference to Article 9 Tampering. Incidents of Tampering will not be tolerated and will be subject to significant sanction: Open Transfer Guidelines

These guidelines do not apply to Out of Region players who will still be required to apply through the Manitoba Soccer Association for approval:

UPDATE - Long Term Player Development

Long Term Player Development

WYSA is phasing in new soccer player development guidelines, please see the following documents, below.

LTPD Launch Feb 7, 2012

LTPD Stage One Feb 7, 2012

LTPD Stage Two Feb 7, 2012


Some thoughts on Youth Competition from the FA

With WYSA moving to implement new Long Term Player Development guidelines, we're continuing to monitor similar efforts elsewhere in the world. Here's an interesting piece from the FA in England which is also moving to a system of youth player development that focuses on coaching and skill development. That means getting rid of league tables. Does it mean getting rid of competition? No, not at all.

Click here to read more.

WYSA continues to work with the MSA to develop LTPD guidelines that best fit Winnipeg's soccer community. Central to LTPD is an enhanced system of coaching the coaches. We're starting with mini-soccer and have begun meeting with community centres around the city's five districts to lay out expectations for enhancing mini-soccer coaching and games.

Stay tuned for more information on LTPD. We'll post it here.

Indoor Rules

Click here for the updated Indoor Rules document.
Change 1: Rule 4 Players' Equipment
1. Only indoor soccer shoes or shoes specifically designed for artificial turf shall be allowed. Molded cleats may only be worn on FIFA approved third generation turf.

Exception: For All Leagues. Cleats.
Molded cleats are allowed at Seven-Oaks, Skylight & the WSF Indoor Complex facility; however, independently screw-in studded cleats are not permitted.

The change is that Skylight as now indicated that outdoor style cleats may now be worn at its facility.

Change 2: Rule 12 Fouls and Misconducts
5 h) Should a player from each opposing team receive a five minute (dismissal) time penalty at the same time, the players shall be sent off and the use of substitutes shall not be permitted. If a third player is dismissed his team shall play "short" in accordance with 5b of this Rule; player from that team receives a five (5) minute penalty.

This change is being made in order to bring the rule into accordance with the earlier change of 5 L). Now, in cases where two opposing players are either both cautioned or dismissed, teams will not be permitted to make a substitution to replace the penalized players and will play short a player during the time penalty.


December 5, 2011

Please note this reminder to all WYSA indoor officials (including High School) that the following procedure MUST take place prior to every game.

3.13 Handshaking

All teams will shake hands with their opponents before every match (approved on September 28, 2008).

Having the players line up for an equipment check followed by handshake and then coin toss will take approximately one minute if done in an organized manner.

Check the players equipment:
1. Shin guards covered by socks
2. Shirt tucked in, sleeves rolled down & shorts at proper length
3. All jewellery removed other than medic alert tags (made safe)
4. Nothing dangerous (no watches, no metal hair clips, knee braces covered)


Handshaking prior to the game does not replace the handshakes afterwards which is the sporting thing to do after any game.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Long Term Player Development (LTPD)?



LTPD Is about putting the player first and offering age-appropriate opportunities for kids to enjoy the game of soccer. Making the game fun is key in teaching and coaching, so that players will continue in the game and may even coach or referee as they get older.  More specifically, LTPD is a model of athlete development that parallels what doctors and psychologists have long used to better understand human development: as a series of distinct stages, which takes us from infancy through to adulthood. A person's abilities, behavious and emotions, as well as their understanding of the world around them, varies from stage to stage.


Similarly, experts in sport science have identified seven stages of development — each with its own physical and psychological characteristics —that form the basis for LTPD. When young soccer players are able to train and compete in an evironment that's appropriate to their stage of development, they not only perform at their best, they also have more fun.


| In other words, LTPD is designed to give players an optimal soccer experience at every stage by putting their needs front and center |


In order to accomplish this goal, the Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) with the District Clubs and Manitoba Soccer Association (MSA) and Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) has introduced changes designed to encourage more playing time for every player, enhance skill development, improve coaching and generally make the game more fun to play! Whether you dream of playing for Canada's National Team or simply want to have fun with friends, taking the right approach to the game when children are young sets the stage for a lifetime of enjoyment! As well, new and better coach education is a critical element of the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA), Manitoba Soccer Association (MSA) and Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association's (WYSA) new Long Term Player Development (LTPD) initiative.


For more information on LTPD, visit our homepage and view the menu options below LTPD!


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