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2013 Outdoor Season Information

WYSA is currently working on all schedules for the 2013 outdoor season and are optimistic that we will kick off the season, as we have in previous years, on the last weekend in April!! WYSA is constantly evaluating the weather and field conditions and will make changes to the schedule if necessary.

Nights of Play Information

Teams will generally play on the following nights of the week depending on the availability referees and fields.

U9-U12 Boys and Girls Developmental:

Teams will generally play one game a week.

U9 teams will generally play Monday, Wednesday or Friday matches.

U10 teams will generally play Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday matches.

U11 teams will generally play Monday, Wednesday or Friday matches.

U12 teams will generally play Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday matches.

U9-U18 Boys and Girls Recreational:

Teams will generally play two games a week.

EVEN divisions (U10,U12,U14,U16,U18) will generally play on Mondays, Wednesdays, and/or Fridays depending on the number of teams in a division, field and referee availability.

ODD divisions (U9,U11,U13,U15,U17) will generally play on Tuesdays, Thursdays and/or Sundays depending on the number of teams in a division, field and referee availability.

Pre-Season Coaches Meeting

The pre-season coaches meeting will be held in the evening of April 23 at Bergmann's on Lombard which is located on the 6th floor of the Grain Exchange Building at 167 Lombard Avenue. A further update of the meeting and information to be provided will be posted on our website.

Team Schedules

As indicated, we are optimistic to kick off the league on the weekend of April 26, 27, and 28 and will aim to have the schedules available online during that week.

League Information

Below you will find information regarding each League (level of play) that outlines the playing season, field dimensions, match lengths, and season length.

U9 & U10 Recreational U9 & U10 Developmental

U11 & U12 Recreational U11 & U12 Developmental

U13 - U18 Recreational U13 - U18 Premier / Premier-Developmental

WYSA Scholarship Recipients


Congratulations to Stephanie Jacoby and Jena Wilks who were co-recipients of the female WYSA Scholarship!

Congratulations to Brendan Rattai and Logan Grzenda who were co-recipients of the male WYSA Scholarship!

All four student athletes possess strong personal attributes such as leadership, community involvement, and are excellent role models for the Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association and of course the game of soccer.

We would like to thank all of those who applied and look forward to this year's applications which is due on October 15, 2013. Click here for more information.

Congratulations to Jaret Ditter


Congratulations to Jaret Ditter, Bonivital Soccer Club Coach, was recognized with the Dr. Jack Hunt Memorial Award in the Learn to Train / Train to Train category at Coaching Manitoba's Excellence Awards. Click here to read more about the Awards and other recipients.

Team Mack Attack!!

We are happy to announce that Mackenzie Ratcliffe has been cancer free for over a year  ... read more.

MSA SOCCER COACHES WEEK ... April 8th - 14th, 2013

The MSA will be offering Active Start, FUNdamentals, Learn to Train and Active for Life Clinics at the WSF Indoor Soccer Facility - 211 Chancellor Matheson Rd (University of Manitoba) Please click on the following link for further information and schedule:

For an up-to-date overview of Coaching Certification, please click on the following link:








FINAL A 18 MAR Park City Urciuoli 2 0 Corydon Tesoro
U10 BOYS FINAL B 18 MAR Southdale Wilks 1 2 Waverley Heights Khan
U10 GIRLS FINAL A 18 MAR Garden City Dvorak 2 1 Whyte Ridge Popovic
U10 GIRLS FINAL B 18 MAR Windsor Blackburn 4  1 JTCC Harbottle
U10BDL FINAL 19 MAR FCNW Juvonen 1 2 BVSC Fonseca
U10GDL FINAL 18 MAR FCNW Zarrillo 0  1 FCNW Morais
U11BOYS FINAL A 19 MAR Waverley Heights Rostami 4 0 NGCC Giesbrecht
U11 BOYS FINAL B 19 MAR Bronx Nyhof 5 0 JTCC Seunarine
U11 GIRLS FINAL B MAR 18 NGCC Aiello 1 1 Tyndall Park Herrera( 2 - 1 PK )
U11 BDL FINAL MAR 19 FCNW Pater 2 0 BVSC Fernandes
U11GDL FINAL MAR 18 Phoenix Marsh 1 0 FCNW Castro
U12 BOYS FINAL A MAR 20 Southdale Strempler 5 3 Waverley Heights Tomy
U12 BOYS FINAL B MAR 20 Waverley Heights Gabel 3 4 Windsor Friesen
U12 GIRLS FINAL B MAR 19 Waverley Heights Hellmann 2 3 St. Charles McGillivray
U12 GIRLS FINAL A MAR 20 Oxford Heights Morrisseau 1 6 Whyte Ridge Tavares
U12BDL/U13BPD FINAL MAR 20 Phoenix Sirdar 3 2 BVSC K. Nordman
U12GDL FINAL MAR 19 FCNW Pilz 2 1 WSEU Crymble
U13 BOYS FINAL A MAR 20 PortageCobras Green 1 0 Oakbank Notarianni
U13 BOYS FINAL B MAR 20 Central Corydon Durette 1 0 Sinclair Park Loft
U13 GIRLS FINAL A MAR 20 Tri-S Martin 1 2 Garden City Aiello
U13 GIRLS FINAL B MAR 20 Whyte Ridge Standing 1 0 JTCC Ness


( 3 - 1 ) PK

U13PR/U14PD BOYS FINAL MAR 21 BVSC Lourenco 2 3 WSEU Dueck
U14 BOYS FINAL A MAR 19 Corydon Chilelli 2  3 Southdale Burmey
U14 BOYS FINAL B MAR 21 Richmond Kings Guillemard 1 2 CYSA Barr
U14 GIRLS FINAL C MAR 21 St. Norbert Fowler 2 1 Park City Murray
U14 GIRLS FINAL A MAR 21 Whyte Ridge Aiello 3 2 Morse Place Pereira
U14 GIRLS FINAL B MAR 21 Tri-S Fisher 1 2 Lorette Gaucher
U14 PD GIRLS FINAL MAR 18 FCNW Koroluk 2 2

BVSC Baker

( 3 - 2 ) PK

U14 PR BOYS FINAL MAR 21 Phoenix Albo 1 0 WSEU De Thomasis
U14PR/U15PD/U16PD GIRLS FINAL MAR 18 Phoenix 14PR Balog 2 1 PTSC 14PR Bustos
U15 BOYS FINAL MAR 21 Tri-S Carter 2 1 Southdale Strempler
U15 GIRLS FINAL A MAR 18 Tri-S Massie 5 0 JTCC Brandson
U15 GIRLS FINAL B MAR 18 Greendell Ruczak 2 1 St. Charles Purcell
U15/16 PR BOYS FINAL MAR 21 FCNW Olivier Job 4 3 Phoenix Moudgill
U15PR/U16PR GIRLS FINAL MAR 21 WSEU Connor 1 2 FCNW Redekopp
U16 BOYS FINAL A MAR 21 Oxford Heights West 2 1 Vince Leah Swanson
U16 BOYS FINAL B MAR 21 St. Charles O'Hara 1 4 Tyndall Park Hererra
U16 GIRLS FINAL B MAR 18 Park City  Bayrak 1 2 Whyte Ridge Standing
U16 GIRLS FINAL A MAR 21 St. Norbert Richichi 5 1 Hanover Wiebe
U17 GIRLS FINAL B MAR 18 Garden City Canak 4 2 CYSA Muir
U17 GIRLS FINAL A MAR 18 Waverley Heights Ironside 1 0 Lindenwoods Adam
U17/U18 BOYS  FINAL MAR 19 St. Charles Volkov 1 2 Tri-S Racicot
U18 GIRLS FINAL A MAR 19 Oakbank Mathewman 2 1 Park City Cook
U18 GIRLS FINAL B MAR 19 NGCC Schneider 1 0 St. Charles Davies

Phoenix Red

( 2- 1 ) PK

1 1 FCNW Moar


Madison Wilford selected to CSA's U20 National Excel Camp

Madison Wilford has been selected to participate in the CSA's U20 National Excel Camp March 16 - 25, 2013. Click here for the press release.

WYSA Indoor Cambrian Challenge Cup 2012-13 Playoff Information


Playoff schedules can be accessed through the Standings and Schedules link. Teams will be notified as soon as possible as to their placement in semi-final and final games.

Finals schedule information is available by clicking HERE.





Standings & Schedules


Online Scorekeeping

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine which District Club or Community Centre I must register at?

The first step in registering for soccer (indoor or outdoor) is determining which Premier Club or Community Centre you belong to - This is based on your domicile, and depending on where you live, you will need to register with your nearest Premier Club or Community Centre for that area. The following District Clubs serve the 5 regions of Winnipeg:


Unsure of which Community Centre or Premier Club you should register at based on your domicile, click here.


District Clubs / Premier Clubs:


Bonivital Soccer Club (serving the southeast)


FC Northwest (serving the northwest)


St. Charles Soccer Association (serving the west and Headingley)


Winnipeg Phoenix Football Club (serving the northeast)


Winnipeg South End United (serving the southwest)


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