Indoor Rules

Click here for the 2013 - 2014 Indoor Rules and Regulations.


Click here for the guide to 2013 - 2014 Indoor Rule changes.


There are several changes for this season so please have review the whole guide, however please pay particular attention to the following 3 changes:


1.       The elimination of the 4 second rule in WYSA matches.


Rule 8 - #9


Removal of the following text:


**Exception: WYSA Rule.  Four Second Restart.


Any team that delays the taking of a; ‘Throw-in’, ‘goal kick’, ‘free kick’, ‘corner kick’, and ‘three-line pass violation kick’, for longer than four (4) seconds shall forfeit the restart to the opposing team.

The restart is taken from the same place.  For any infringement of this rule committed by the DEFENDING team inside their penalty area, the kick shall be awarded to the opposing team but taken from the centre point of the arc at the top of the penalty area. (See Rule Interpretations)


Explanation: WYSA has asked for the removal of this clause as although the intention of the rule may have been to speed up the match, it has created undue pressure on the player to act so quickly. If a player is taking too long, it will now be up to the discretion of the referee to take action.


2.       A kick restart to replace the dropped ball in situations when the ball hits the ceiling.


Rule 8 - #8


** When the ball makes contact with the ceiling or fixtures above the playing surface, play shall be stopped and the match shall be restarted with a kick by the team that did not touch the ball last, from the location closest to where the ball struck the ceiling or fixture when play was stopped, unless play was stopped inside the penalty area, in which case play is restarted with a kick from .  A goal may not be scored directly from this restart.


Explanation: The restart has been changed from a drop ball to a kick in order to speed up the restart as well as to prevent a team from gaining an advantage from “clearing” the ball into the ceiling. By removing the drop ball restart in this situation, the team who put the ball out of play is not able to contest the next restart as they would with a dropped ball. Players are not allowed to score directly from this restart to maintain some uniformity with the FIFA LOTG in regard to dropped ball situations.


3.       Cautions for Substitutes entering the field of play prematurely and for players exiting the field at an incorrect location.


Rule 3 - #7d


** If a substitute enters the field of play prior to the player who is being replaced exits the field, the game shall be stopped and the substitute shall be cautioned for infringing the substitution procedure and shown the yellow card.


If the player being replaced does not exit the field of play directly in front of his team bench, the game shall be stopped and the referee cautions the player for infringing the substitution procedure and shown the yellow card.


For each scenario a two (2) minute time penalty shall be assessed against either the player or the substitute, whoever infringed upon the substitution procedure.  The game will be restarted with a free kick awarded to the opposing team to be taken where the ball was when play was stopped in accordance with Rule 13.1a.


Explanation: This part of the rule on substitution has been changed as too many players are “cheating” by entering the playing area prior to their teammate leaving. Therefore, if the substitute enters prematurely, he will be cautioned regardless of whether they interfere with play or an opponent.  Accordingly the statement, “and the substitute interferes with play or an opponent,” has been removed from text.


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